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Waterproof NTC 10K 3950 Thermistor BBQ Grills NTC Temperature Sensor

1. Waterproof, high temperature sensor 

2. Double encapculation technical, good quality of insulation 

3. High capability of colliding and bending, high stability

4. Customized specification

5. Operating temperature:-40-300℃

    EXSENSE Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional research and development, production NTC temperature sensor, encapsulation thermistor NTC thermistor, glass manufacturers, smart home series frange type pt100/1000 thermistor sensor is high sensitivity, high reliable NTC thermistor chip encapsulated with insulation, thermal conductivity, waterproof material into required shape, easy to install and remote measurement and control temperature.High precision and high range, which is used for high temperature and waterproof temperature measurement and detection.

    Product Model
    B-value (25/50 or 25/85)
    3380K, 3435K, 3450K, 3470K, 3950K, 4050K, 4100K, 4250K  
    0.1C, 0.2C, 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%
    Temperature Range
    Housing Material
    Metal, plastic, epoxy, special
    Housing Size
    Housing SizeUL1332#26AWG
    Cable length
    According to your requirements
    Dissipation factor
    Ta=25±0.5℃ about2.6mW/℃
    If all the parameters are not suitable for you. We can customize

    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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