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Technical Ariticle

An Improved Type Built-in Fast Response NTC Temperature Sensor of Heat Roller of Printer and Copier

Time:2023-03-10 Views:253

Traditional copiers an external contact heat rollers are with slow speed, long warm-up time, which can easily lead to overheating and copiers’ parts to burn out. To solve this problem, EXSENSE developed an embedded NTC temperature sensor with fast response time and good stability. 

This built-in fast-response NTC temperature sensor to detect the heat roller of printers and copiers and the fixing device are installed with NTC temperature sensor, it has a fast response time, good stability and good protection of equipment. When it is installed in copiers, printers and fixing devices, it can quickly complete printing, copying and other jobs.

The NTC temperature sensor mainly uses a high-precision glass-encapsulated NTC thermistor fixed on the metal bracket, and then fixed into a high-temperature resistant film by high-temperature silica gel, connected to the processing circuit of the printer and copier through the lead-out wire, and finally the NTC thermistor is connected by a wire to the metal connector and the plastic seat connector.

The NTC temperature sensor is a fast-response temperature sensor used to detect the hot rollers of test printers and copiers as shown in Figures 1 and 2. It can quickly respond to and capture the thermal changes of the hot rollers, with high efficiency, and can quickly complete printing or copying work; In addition, because it is installed at the bottom of the heating ceramic bar, it can effectively avoid damage from direct friction with the heating roller, it is safe and wearable.

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