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Technical Ariticle

Circuit Breaker and NTC Temperature Sensor

Time:2023-04-26 Views:180

After the long-term operation, the circuit breaker in the low-voltage cabinet is prone to wear and tear of the dynamic and static contacts, terminal’s fasteners of which will be in a poor grip as well. As a result, the circuit breaker is burned out. To solve this problem, it is necessary to design a circuit breaker temperature control system with a built-in NTC temperature sensor.

This system realizes the temperature monitoring and control of the circuit breaker, which is convenient for the staff to maintain the power distribution cabinet, avoids failures and reduces losses from the circuit breaker’s overheat, and it can also lengthen the product’s maintenance life.

The NTC temperature sensor for circuit breakers produced by Exsense is with high-precision and high-sensitivity
 single-ended glass encapsulated thermistors, which are potted into several nickel-plated copper housings, with the help of double-layer sealing technology, it has good performance in insulation, high resistance to mechanical collisions, anti-bending capacity, high stability and high reliability. Here is the introduction of the circuit breaker’s NTC temperature sensor:

Product No.: TS103J25C3950FAEQ-NL120A-NL130A-NL150A

Thermistor: R25=10KΩ1%,B25/50=3950K±1%
Thermal time constant: ≤12 seconds in water
Dissipation factor: about  2.6mW/℃, in still air
Hi-pot test: AC 2000V 5mA 5seconds, no break down and flashover in steel balls.
Insulation test: DC 500V 100MΩ
Rated Power: ≤10mW


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