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Technical Ariticle

Discussion on production process of NTC thermistor for printer

Time:2023-08-08 Views:124

NTC thermistor refers to a sensor that can sense temperature and convert it into an available output signal. Temperature sensor is the core part of temperature measuring instrument, there are wide variety of sensors, which can be adapted to lots of different working environments.

Now, the NTC thermistor used in office equipment such as printers and copiers basically use imported thermistor , so to develop a high-performance sealed glass NTC thermistor to replace the imported sealed glass NTC thermistor have a  great significance.below is the production process of the NTC thermistor for the printer developed by exsense:

1. The sealed glass NTC thermistor is welded on the steel sheet of the temperature sensor base;

2. Weld the wire to the base of the temperature sensor

3. Attached the NTC thermistor and the welded steel sheet up and down with a high temperature film

4. Put  a terminal at the end of the lead and insert a rubber seat connector to get a temperature sensor.


The NTC thermistor used in the printer has high precision, fast reaction speed, stable in 3-10KΩ, when the central value of the sealed  glass resistance is 5.92KΩ at 180℃, the temperature control of the fixing roller is the most stable, and the full temperature curve of -20℃-258℃ meets the normal operation of the printer. Suitable for all kinds of printer temperature detection temperature control requirements.


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