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Technical Ariticle

Fast Response NTC Temperature Sensor for Printer and Copier

Time:2022-08-18 Views:415

NTC thermistor
is the key component of temperature sensor, with high sensitivity, good interchangeability and high reliability. It is widely used in temperature testing, controlling and compensation, especially for copiers, printes and other office automation equipments.

As the development of society, the requirements for operating temperature and response speed in copiers and printers are much higher. Relatively, faster response time is very neccessary.

Temperature sensors of many printers/ copiers are bonded by thermal silicone grease with thermal factor of 1.0-3.0W/(mK), which causes poor 
thermal conductivity. Moreover, thermal grease cannot be used in a high temperature environment above 180 °C for a long time, resulting in a short service life of temperature sensors. Last but not least, the thermal conductivity factor of the polyimide film to wrap and fix the high temperature resistant silica gel, glass sealing resistor and copper sheet is only 0.16.0-0.61W/(mK), which seriously affects the thermal conductivity of the temperature sensors and reduces the response speed 

To solve this problem, EXSENSE provides a film free
NTC temperature sensor with fast response time for printers and copiers. This sensor can be long term used in the enviroment over 250℃. Characteristics like shorter response time, high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity  speed have been greatly improved. The most important is that the response time is 1-2 sec less, which can satisfied the requirements of office automation equipments. 

Ways to prepare and manufacture the film free NTC temperature sensor:

(1) sintering processing for thermistor and conductivity piece - A;

(2) solder the lead wire to the base;

(3) solder the lead of thermistor to the base;

(4) fix the silica gel block to the base;

(5) fix A to silica gel block by silicone with high temperature. 

(6) wire the terminal to the other end of cable, and insert the terminal to connector.

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