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Technical Ariticle

Improved NTC temperature sensor affects steam oven temperature

Time:2024-05-24 Views:37

Traditional steam oven, it is usually necessary to set the temperature to be constant to heat the food . When the cavity temperature is too low or too high, the evaporator and heating tube need to be connected or disconnected, resulting in uneven temperature inside the cavity. However, by adding an NTC temperature sensor to the steam oven to monitor the temperature inside the cavity, the temperature can be kept constant, effectively ensuring the taste and texture of the food, while improving the efficiency of the steam oven and reducing cooking time.

The NTC temperature sensor play in the oven cavity temperature?

1.Temperature monitoring:  NTC temperature sensor is used to monitor the temperature change of the steam oven cavity. It monitors the temperature change inside the cavity in real time and transmits these signals to the control system.

2.Temperature control: The NTC temperature sensor outputs a resistance signal to the main control board through temperature detection. The control system can adjust the power of the heating element in real time to control and regulate the temperature of the steam oven cavity.

3.Safety protection: NTC temperature sensors can also be used for steam oven safety protection. When the cavity temperature exceeds the safe range, the sensor can trigger an alarm or automatically stop heating to prevent safety problems caused by overheating.

In summary, Steam oven NTC temperature sensors are crucial to the temperature stability of the oven cavity. Better stabilization of the cavity temperature can not only reduce safety issues, but also improve user experience.

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