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Technical Ariticle

NTC Temperature Sensor for High Frequency Transformer

Time:2023-07-04 Views:475

Switching power supply is a commonly used power supply system in power supply equipment, and high-frequency transformer is the key component of switching power supply. Most of the transformers in switching power supplies cool down the transformer by heat sinks, which leads to the transformer’s over heat during the long-term operation, which influences the safety of the transformer. In this case, an NTC temperature sensor is necessary to detect the temperature.

The high-frequency transformer for switching power supply uses air cooling instead of heat sink for heat dissipation, which has higher heat dissipation efficiency; and an NTC temperature sensor is installed to automatically adjust the speed of the cooling fan according to the internal temperature change of the transformer, thereby realizing the automatic adjustment of heat dissipation function.

The transformer’s NTC temperature sensor is potted with high-precision thermistor and high-temperature waterproof epoxy resin glue, manufactured by a special waterproof and moisture-proof process. It has the characteristics of high precision, high sensitivity, high reliability, high waterproof, strong mechanical resistance and good stability.

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