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Technical Ariticle

NTC Temperature Sensor for Smart Toilet’s Water Temperature Detecting

Time:2024-03-13 Views:178

NTC Temperature Sensor for Smart Toilet

As technology developing, smart home appliance are widely used in our daily lives. smart toilets, as a kind of high-tech product, are chosen by more and more users. As an important part of the smart toilet, the water temperature control system needs to be installed with an NTC temperature sensor to detect and constrol precise water temperature.

Traditional toilets cannot control the water temperature, and the users’ experience is awful. Differing from those, water temperature control is very important for smart toilet. Installing an NTC temperature sensor is indispensable so that the smart toilet can detect the real time water temperature real time and accurately control it according to the set temperature range.

NTC temperature sensors are usually installed near the smart toilet outlet and send the signals to the control system after measuring the outlet temperature. When the water temperature is higher than the setting, the control system will automatically adjust the water valve to reduce the flow of hot water, lowering the water temperature. In contrast, when the water temperature is lower , the control system will increase the flow of hot water and water temperature. This allows users to adjust the water temperature according to personal preferences and enjoy a cozy hygiene experience.

The adoption of NTC temperature sensors in smart toilets not only improves user experience, but also has energy-saving advantages. Traditional toilets usually use time control when adjusting water temperature. No matter how long the user needs hot water, it will continue to heat. With the NTC temperature sensor, the smart toilet can adjust the hot water flow according to actual needs to avoid unnecessary waste of energy.

NTC temperature sensor plays an important role in smart toilets’ real time water temperature control. The key component of this kind of sensor is
waterproof NTC thermistor and then potted into a stainless steel housing by epoxy, it’s a design of high precision, high reliability, high sensitivity and high waterproof performance.

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