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Technical Ariticle

NTC Temperature Sensor for Thermostatic Faucet

Time:2024-04-26 Views:77

A thermostatic faucet is a device that can automatically adjust water temperature. It ensures that users get stable temperature water when using the faucet instead of being affected by external factors, such as water pressure. Through intelligent sensing and automatic adjustment, the water temperature can be maintained within a stable range, giving users a comfortable experience.

NTC temperature sensor is used in thermostatic faucet. How does it work?

NTC temperature sensors are mainly used for temperature control on thermostatic faucets. By detecting the real time water temperature and transmitting the signal to the controller, the water temperature is controlled in a constant temperature.

The thermostatic faucet is a kind of smart bathroom equipment. The application of NTC temperature sensors improves the response speed of the thermostat faucet, effectively preventing the risk of scalding caused by over heat water temperature, and providing a better user experience.

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