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Technical Ariticle

Steam Oven and NTC Temperature Sensor

Time:2021-07-19 Views:150
The steam oven is a kitchen appliance with very good cooking effect. Steaming and roasting are our common cooking methods. The steaming oven combines these two functions to make the cooking method simple and the cooking effect is guaranteed.
The oven has upper and lower heating tube, temperature control may be independent, direct injection steam.
Direct-injection steam is where the steam is generated outside the inner tank. The generated steam is sprayed into the inner cavity by a duct. The steam that enters completely fills the inner cavity of the steaming oven and replaces the original oxygen. This not only makes the amount of steam controllable, but also cooks time will not be affected by the amount of food .And the heating speed is fast and the steam generation and the food are in two different spaces, which is not easy to smell.
NTC temperature sensor is one of the main components of the steam oven.  The steaming oven adopts NTC temperature sensor to make temperature control more accurate.
The latest NTC temperature sensor for steam oven developed by Exsense Sensor is welded with a high-precision and high-sensitivity  NTC thermistor and black PVC wire. It is packaged with insulating, heat-conducting and waterproof materials into the required shape, and added Teflon Hot water casing has the characteristics of high temperature and corrosion resistance.
The product features are as follows:
1. Thermal reaction time: ≤12 seconds in water bath
2. Dissipation coefficient: about 2.6mW/℃ in the static air
3. Withstand voltage test: AC 2100V 2mA for 1S
4. Insulation test: ≥100MΩ
5. Rated power: ≤10mW
6. Operating temperature: -40℃~150℃
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