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Technical Ariticle

Talking about the seat heating function of the smart toilet

Time:2021-12-22 Views:407

The smart toilet is a very convenient and comfortable household item. People buy smart toilets because they have a comfortable seat, especially in the cold winter, if you choose an ordinary toilet, the feeling of cold seat is too cold. The smart toilet has a seat heating function, which can automatically heat, which perfectly solves this problem, and the seat temperature can be self-adjusted, which is very convenient to use. Deeply loved by the public.

 Due to the special shape of the smart toilet seat, the narrow space, and the high requirements for the rapid and accurate temperature measurement of the NTC temperature sensor, the smart toilet is in a high-humidity environment for a long time. Therefore, the NTC temperature sensor is indispensable to realize the seat heating function.

Exsense epoxy NTC sensor is small size and sensitive. It can be installed in a narrow space to facilitate the installation needs of users. Secondly, the head is made of highly waterproof epoxy resin, which plays an important role in protecting the head of the temperature sensor. And the response speed is fast and the accuracy is high. The temperature sensor is suitable for smart toilets, small household appliances, new energy vehicles and other fields.

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