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Technical Ariticle

Toaster and NTC Thermistor Probes

Time:2023-09-11 Views:439

Toaster is a user friendly kitchen appliance to lightly cook and toast bread slices. Many toasters for families are with multi-functions, such as defrosting, reheating and canceling. The LED indicator of toasters can tell the current function mode. Also, the timer can be set to a certain time, usually 3 minutes, and will automatically turn off the power when that time has elapsed. In general, toaster is very handy and helpful.

The toasters are usually built in with NTC thermistor probes to detect the changeable temperature.NTC temperature sensor are non-linear resistors,which alter their resistance charateristics with temperature.the resistance of NTC decrease when the temperature increases. The probe is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel in rectangular shape, and it can be fixed to toasters’ heaters and shorten the detecting time. When the ambient temperature is over 25℃ (for example 30℃), the temperature inside the toasters will increase to 30℃. The NTC thermistor probes will detect multi-point temperatures, and control the toaster’s heating time according to the temperature difference, which can improve the temperature control accuracy of , as well as the baked bread slices’ color and taste.

 Here are the specifications of the toaster’s NTC thermistor probe:

 1.  Part No.: TS102G200C4537HM-NL413

 2. Operation temperature range: -40℃~300℃

 3.Thermal time constant ≤6s, in water bath

 4.Rated power: ≤10mW

 5.Dissipation factor: about 2.6mW/℃ in still air

 6.Insulation test: ≥100MΩ

 7.Hi-pot test: AC 1800V 2mA 3seconds in steel balls, no flash over or break down.

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