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Technical Ariticle

Discussion on the function of NTC temperature sensor in circuit breaker

Time:2023-08-28 Views:441

The circuit breaker in the low-voltage cabinet circuit is prone to wear of dynamic and static contacts and loose fasteners on the terminal bus due to long-term operation and use. If not discovered and maintained in time, high temperature will be generated, which will cause fire or burn damage of the circuit breaker due to aging insulation.In order to reduce the fault caused by excessive temperature rise in the use of circuit breakers, it is necessary to monitor the temperature when the circuit breaker is installed with NTC temperature sensors.

The circuit breaker system has built-in NTC temperature sensor, which measures the ambient temperature through the temperature sensor, and uses the NTC temperature sensor to judge the temperature to the MCU unit. When the temperature rises or the temperature exceeds the set value, the circuit breaker is controlled remotely through the relay output unit.In addition, the position and status of the circuit breaker can be displayed on the display unit through the input signal processing unit, and the system realizes the transmission of information between the circuit breaker intelligent controller or the integrated monitoring system through the communication unit.By installed with NTC temperature sensor to realize circuit breaker temperature monitoring and control, it is convenient for staff to maintain the distribution cabinet, avoid the fault caused by the high temperature of the circuit breaker, reduce the loss caused by the high temperature of the circuit breaker, and improve the maintenance life of the product.

A ring NTC temperature sensor, which
encapsulate with high precision single ended glass sealed thermistor, with high precision, high water resistance and suitable to used in harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity;Its metal housing design, can measure temperature more accuracy , high sensitivity, better reliability; uses high-thermal conductivity wire to assemble, has good stability and other characteristics, suitable for circuit breaker temperature measurement.





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