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Technical Ariticle

High voltage electrical equipment and temperature sensors

Time:2023-08-21 Views:108

In the power plants ,electricity substation and other high voltage distribution equipment in high-voltage distribution rooms,will occur poor contact, overload, short circuit and other heat or discharge flashover phenomenons,or affect the normal operation of the equipment when in overheating .so, it will be a very major to monitor the temperature accuracy of high voltage electrical equipment. To install a NTC temperature sensor in the high voltage distribution equipment to monitor the temperature will be necessary.

The temperature measurement circuit uses the NTC thermistor to detect the temperature of the high voltage electrical equipment, and adjust the signal amplitude through the resistance feedback to the mean circuit, the average circuit output signal is compensated by the temperature compensation circuit.

Internally installed the NTC thermistor to monitor the temperature of high voltage distribution equipment which could further ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement.Considering the high voltage distribution equipment request extremely accuracy of temperature monitoring .Just use EXSENSE GT series single end glass sealed NTC thermistor.The series thermistor has high precision and meets the high accuracy requirements for temperature monitoring of high voltage electrical equipment.Single end glass sealed NTC thermistor mainly use glass sealed process, its small size, strong structure, can be used in high temperature and high humidity and other harsh environment,but still in fast reaction speed.

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