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Technical Ariticle

Glucose Meter with NTC Temperature Sensor

Time:2023-09-18 Views:474

NTC temperature sensor is usually installed on the test strip slot of the blood glucose meter. When the user inserts the test strip into the blood glucose meter, the backside of test strip will reach the NTC temperature sensor, and the glucose meter will automatically turn on. The temperature sensor will then detect the temperature of the test strip. When the test strip’s temperature changes over 2℃/ second, the glucose meter will standby until the temperature of the test strip is stable. If the temperature is stable, the glucose meter will send a signal to proceed. The NTC temperature sensor can detect the temperature of the test strip, and also perform compensation calculations more accurately. After inserting the test paper and detecting its temperature, judging whether the temperature of the test paper is stable, and then deciding whether to measure, the stability and reliability of the blood glucose meter are improved.
The temperature sensor in the glucose meter is an NTC temperature sensor coated by epoxy and welded with high thermal conductivity cable. It is with small epoxy bead, small size, stable performance, fast response, high sensitivity, high reliability, and good thermal resistance cycling, etc.

How to make an NTC temperature sensor for blood glucose meter

1. Weld the electronic wire to the NTC thermistor;

2. Coat the NTC thermistor and the joint of wire with epoxy;

3. Complete the epoxy coated NTC temperature sensor;


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