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Technical Ariticle

High Precision and High Waterproof NTC Temperature Sensor in Humidity

Time:2023-07-21 Views:448

With the development of electronic technology, NTC temperature sensors are used in more and more fields. And higher requirements are raised for NTC temperature sensors. Temperature sensors will be used in some special occasions, such as in humidity like underwater or at sea. Humidity will bring great challenges to temperature sensors. If water is invaded to the temperature sensor, the thermistor inside the temperature sensor will be damaged. Its precision will also be influenced. Exsense has developed a high-precision and high-waterproof NTC temperature sensor.

How to make the high-precision and high-waterproof NTC temperature sensor:

  1. Connect the thermistor to one end of the connecting tube;
  2. Connect the other end of the connecting tube to the wire;
  3. Melt the insulation layer of wire and the raw material of insulation together into liquid;
  4. Put the wire welded with NTC thermistor and connecting tube into liquid
  5. When the wire and thermistor are coated, take them out.
  6. After cooling, the thermistor forms a rubber layer with the surface of the wire.

This high-precision and high-waterproof NTC temperature sensor’s connecting tube is insulated that prevents the short cut. The insulation layer is wrapped on the thermistor, which shortens the distance between the thermistor and the tested item, which improves the detection accuracy of the temperature sensor. The insulation layer is tightly coated on the surface of the thermistor, which greatly improves the waterproof performance of the thermistor and prolongs the life of the temperature sensor, and also ensures the high reliability of the temperature sensor.

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