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Technical Ariticle

NTC Temperature Sensor for Beauty Instruments

Time:2023-07-04 Views:152

With the continuous development of science and technology, various beauty care products coming out in the market. The portable multi-functional warm spray beauty instrument is more and more popular because of its small size and portability. When the beauty instrument  is operating, the maximum temperature should be lower than 65°C. If the temperature is over 65°C , it might pose thermal burn hazards to users. Therefore, a built-in NTC temperature sensor is needed in beauty instruments to control the temperature in real time.

A beauty instrument is generally composed of a housing, a drive motor, a massage head, a heating sheet, an NTC temperature sensor, an atomizing device, a control circuit board, and a battery. The key point of temperature control is to set the NTC temperature sensor. The working principle of the temperature sensor is that as the temperature increases, the resistance value decreases. There is a resistance value set in the control circuit board. When the temperature reaches a certain point, the power supply will be cut off automatically; when the temperature rises to a certain point, the power supply will continue.

The NTC temperature sensor of the beauty instrument can automatically adjust the temperature. When the user adjusts the suitable temperature, the NTC temperature sensor will detect the temperature and control the rotation of output wheels. The key shaft is reversed to for temperature control, and the friction wheel is locked. The temperature can only be turned down, so as to avoid overheat to the user. NTC temperature sensors can minimize the overheat risks of beauty instruments.

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