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Technical Ariticle

NTC temperature sensor for front end cover of heater

Time:2023-08-14 Views:117

A heater is a device used for heating.The front end cover can not close properly, which will lead to dust impurities entering, and become difficult to clean up. Therefore ,reduce the intelligent performance.and high temperature may occur fire and other phenomena, it is a high risk factor, and long-term heating will have a certain radiation, if touch in careless may caused a burn.so it is difficult to meet the needs of the front end cover of the heater. In this way,it needs to built in a NTC temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of front end to ensure the safety.


NTC temperature sensor connect the warning device by the wire electrical property.Warning device connect the backside of front end cover of the heater through the wire electrical property.Which can monitor the real-time temperature display efficiently and intelligently.The alarm device give a abnormal alarm directly .In simple structure, but could prevent the radiation factors caused by high temperature.in the meantime,it has the high anti-radiation performance, which could prevent fire and burning, inhibit heat dissipation as well.

NTC temperature sensor apply in the heater which is a combination between the high waterproof single-ended glass sealed thermistor and high thermal conductivity wire . By using the glass sealed method,NTC temperature sensor response more faster and in high reliability. And could be used even in high temperature and high humidity and other harsh environment.

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