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Technical Ariticle

Inverter heat dissipation with NTC thermistor

Time:2022-03-05 Views:259

Inverter is an electrical energy control device that uses the on-off action of power semiconductor devices to convert the industrial frequency power supply to another frequency. The inverter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC to DC), filter, inverter (DC to AC), brake unit, drive unit, detection unit microprocessor unit and so on .

Its industrial and agricultural applications are widely used, such as oil field oil extraction, outdoor skid-type injection pump room, variable frequency oil transmission and other 24-hour operation applications, and inverters are generally installed in the outdoors, facing temperature changes, storms and other harsh environments on the inverter is a test, inverter equipment power capacity, work so their own heat is larger, need to use the cabinet dual cooling fan energy-saving control device for heat dissipation.

In the cabinet double cooling fan energy-saving control device installed NTC thermistor, and fixed in the inverter cabinet cooling air outlet above, always monitor the temperature of the inverter. When the temperature of the cabinet is low, the first and second cooling fans automatically stop, and when the temperature reaches the required fan heat temperature, the first cooling fan starts to dissipate heat and speeds up the speed of heat dissipation as the temperature rises. And when the first cooling fan is not enough, the second cooling fan starts to fan heat; conversely, as the cabinet temperature decreases, the second cooling fan and the first cooling fan shut down, slow down and stop cooling in turn. It automatically realizes the cooling fan does not work at low temperature and automatic cooling control, more energy-saving; realizes the fan automatically starts and stops with speed regulation according to the change of cabinet temperature; extends the service life of the fan.

O Ring NTC thermistor produce by Zhaoqing Exsense Sensor is made of highly sensitive and reliable NTC thermistor chip with wires welded together and encapsulated with insulating, thermally conductive and waterproof materials into the required shape, which is easy to install and control temperature. This NTC thermistor has high precision, high sensitivity and high reliability, and is suitable for inverters,.

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