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Technical Ariticle

Main Features of Gold Electrode NTC Thermistor Chip

Time:2024-04-30 Views:62

Gold Electrode NTC Thermistor Chip

DT series gold electrode NTC thermistor chip researched & developed, produced by EXSENSE is a high-temperature and high-accuracy thermistor chip with gold plating on the surface, which has the characteristics of great thermal cycle, excellent reliability and stability, etc. The operating temperature range of gold electrode NTC chip is -55~300℃, which size can be customized according to customer requirements.

Main features of gold electrode
NTC thermistor chip:

First, great reliability: In a humid working environment, the gold electrode is not easy to produce ion migration. In contrast, silver electrode working in a humid environment for a long time are more prone to the natural phenomenon of silver migration.

Second, great stability: The drift rate of the gold electrode NTC thermistor chip is low. Even if it works for a long time, the discreteness of its resistance value can be kept within the specified range, which is suitable for applications requiring long-term and stable temperature measurement.

Third, suitable for various hybrid design multi-functional modules: optical transceiver, infrared thermopile, IGBT, thermal print head, integrated module, semiconductor module, power module, etc.

Fourth, various packaging methods: blue taping , wafer, etc.

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